Stephen Brake

B.F.A., A.N.S.C.A.D.

I am a photographer with 30 years of experience in the photography business.

I am passionate about creating visually inspiring photographs.

I use my expertise in light and composition to capture the perfect image in each situation.

I specialize but am not limited to…

  • Weddings
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes

I studied photography at NSCAD University in Halifax where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.

While attending NSCAD I studied for a semester at the prestigious Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City

I believe that the understanding of light and composition and the visual language, along with a connection to my subject, can make visually compelling images from almost any situation.

Every image should be a completed story unto itself.

I have made it a priority to understand and master each of the photographer tools. I have studied the history of photography, the history of art, as well as the user guide to whichever camera I am using at the moment. I understand the visual language of images that is today’s society.

I can capture that decisive moment of emotion.