The Game

I was just looking over some images I took last summer and thought it would be nice to fix them up and share them.

These photos were taking during the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Summer Games in August 2015. Millbrook First Nation hosted the annual games.

Based on this we did a huge gathering just to see them in a presentation and in printing gifts for everyone. After we saw the whole thing we watched a video with the best plays and the falls, its was so funny and we ended playing video games in a website that was great because, you can look here and check it out, it had options for all the friends and family, so many different ones that I think we spent more time playing than we should. But anyways here are the pictures of the summer games so you can get inspired and do one yourself.

IMG_6604-Edit IMG_6561-Edit IMG_6541-Edit IMG_6522-Edit IMG_6469-Edit IMG_6424-Edit IMG_6383-Edit